a stylish straw on the basis of sugarcane (without corn!)

The noble organic straw: chic, semi-transparent and biodegradable

Our BIO Eco-straws are made of about 2/3 sugar cane (not genetically modified) and about 1/3 of minerals, fibers, etc. and are therefore biodegradable and compostable in industrial composting plants. Here, the straw dissolves into CO2, water and biomass. It is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and sustainable according to EN13432 and ASTM D6866.

The durability is about 18-22 months in a dark, dry and cool (room temperature is sufficient) storage. Join in and change. As experts in biodegradable straws we supply large and commercial customers, beverage manufacturers, hotels, airlines, gastronomy and all those who need large quantities.

This straw perfectly fits with your disposable cane crockery

Our pearly white straw is suitable for cold drinks up to 30 ° C. For your advertising, it can be printed directly by tampon print or wrapped in plain white or even paper imprinted according to your wishes. We will gladly make you an offer. Call us or request our price list.

Sustainable sugar cane straw with your branding

For advertising, the sugar cane straw  can be printed directly (up to a maximum of 2 c) by tampon printing. Or you wrap the drinking straw in printed paper (max 2c). Thus, you have sustainable advertising that bears your logo but the environment is not burdened and is wrapped in printed paper also hygienic. MORE ABOUT THE PRINTED STRAW


The BIO Eco drinking straw made of sugar cane is available in the following sizes and packaging units:

Size: 6 x 210 mm
  • 20 PP-bags á 500 pcs. / case  (10.000 pcs)
  • 40 PP-bags á 250 pcs. / case  (10.000 pcs) – MOQ: 1 pallet 
Size: 6 x 250 mm
  • 12 PP-bags á 500 pcs. / case (6.000 pcs) (from 1 pallet also available in organic bags)
  • 24 PP-bags á 250 pcs. / case(6.000 pcs) –  MOQ: 1 pallet

SEMITRANSPARENT COLOR MIX (red, green, light blue, yellow):
Size: 6 x 210 mm:
  • 40 Bio-bags á 250 pcs. / case (10.000 pcs), sorting as it comes, MOQ: 1 pallet
Size: 6 x 210 mm:
Size: 6 x 250 mm:
  • as of 1 pallet with 250 or 500 pcs / bag


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