BIO-LIG – standard, in anthracite-black or champagne-white:

BIO-LIG “Coffee” – special, milk-coffee-coloured and with an unmistakable feel thanks to the addition of coffee granules:

Our BIO-LIG straw consists of the thermoplastic material Liquidwood, which is obtained from lignin, a by-product from paper manufacturing, and cellulose. The wood fibers of cellulose come from controlled European reforestation.

Technical data:

suitable forstorage timecolours + sizespacking details
cold and hot beverages up to ca 70 degrees C18-24 months at proper storage
  • 7x210mm champagne-white, anthracite-black + milk-coffee-coloured
  • 7x250mm champagne-white, anthracite-black + milk-coffee-coloured
  • 20×500 pcs/case = 10.000 pcs, 16 cases/pallet
  • 12×500 pcs/cse = 6.000 pcs, 21 cases/pallet

With our BIO-LIG -straw you buy

  • a 100% bio-based drinking straw
  • a drinking straw that can also be degraded in sea and salt water,
  • a recyclable drinking straw, according to the current EU standard
  • a compostable drinking straw acc. to the EU regulation for food and feed (LFGB)
  • a migration tested straw (global migration test, Chemical Control Eurofins)
  • an ethically acceptable drinking straw (no corn, no food)
  • a 100% PLA-free drinking straw
  • a mineral oil free straw
  • a plasticizer-free straw
  • a “Made in EU” drinking straw
  • a low-carbon drinking straw
  • consumption in „good conscience“
  • a continuously regenerating raw material
  • a product of which the raw material does not need to be cultivated (no overexploitation as a by-product of paper production)
  • a heat-resistant drinking straw (up to 50-70 ° C)



  • a raw material that combines thermoplastic material and natural wood
  • consisting of lignin and cellulose (same as natural wood)
    • lignin = by-product of the paper making industry
    • cellulose = wood fibers from controlled European reforestation (beech and spruce), flax, hemp, sisal
  • 50 million tons are produced worldwide every year
  • Germany produces 140,000 tons annually

= bio-based + biodegradable, certified “compost-home“.

Disposal and life cycle

Even if the straw is biodegradable, we recommend proper disposal and never in the nature!

  • composting (compost-home)
  • recycling
  • combustion
  • CO² neutral
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Even warm drinks are often decorated with a straw. Therefore, we have developed a special straw for warm beverages and food: the heatstable and sustainable Bio Thermo 95° C for coffee, tea, soups etc. Organic, sustainable, degradable and heat resistant up to 95 degrees. This is now possible with this sustainable drinking straw

The heat stable eye-catcher – vegan and allergy-free

The BIO-Thermo 95 ° C Straws are being made of a certified and biodegradable plastic. This plastic mainly consists of renewable raw materials and mineral fillers of also natural origin.
The BIO-Thermo 95 ° C Straws are 60% bio-based and fully biodegradable in industrial composting plants. In the composting process, water, oxygen and heat split the plastic so that it can be digested by microorganisms, leaving only valuable compost that can be used as fertilizer for the cultivation of new plants.
Thus, the BIO-Thermo 95 ° C Straws contribute to the recycling management and to the decrease in environmental pollution and are offering considerable advantages during their whole life cycle.
The pellets of which the straws are being produced fulfill the requirements of the European standard DIN EN 13432 and the “US Standard ASTM6400” for compostable and biodegradable polymers.

What remains is valuable compost that can be used as fertilizer for the cultivation of new plants. Thus, they make a valuable contribution to the circular economy and the reduction of environmental pollution and offer significant benefits throughout the entire life cycle. The granules from which the drinking straws are made comply with the “European standard DIN13432” for compostable and biodegradable polymers.

Please ask for an offer.

Technical Features 

The straight drinking straws are available in the following lengths, colors and packaging units:

Colour: white

  • 6 x 180 mm, 500 straws in bag
  • 6 x 240 mm, 500 straws in bag


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