Thank you for your great participation in the crowd funding! With your help, we have reached the goal. Thank you.

We conducted crowdfunding on the Conda platform and successfully concluded with 129 investors. Why did we go the way through crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the best way to get in direct contact with investors, to grow together and to invest in the company, the ecological market of the future, with a small investment. To make a contribution to a more plastic-free environment and to actively participate with it in a monetary way.

We had already won several European economic and environmental awards in advance, and in this context we built up a larger “fan base” for ourselves and our product.

It was also an important groundwork to reach the right people through crowd investing, who share the same ideas and attitude towards the sustainable environment. We are in continuous contact with our investors.

Our bank had offered us very cheap KfW loans and subsidies, but for us the way through a crowd-investing was “more valuable”.

The loan agreement is made between the bank and us and as such no customer would have ever heard about it. Banking usually takes place in silence. Crowd funding however is the way to the public and that’s what’s so important to young start-ups – letting the world know we exist. More information is available at:



Already 2,000 years ago, the philosopher and stoic Seneca recognized the importance: credibility is dependent on reconciling words and deeds.



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