Of course, we produce our sustainable straws in your desired size, diameter or length (if technically possible) or in different wall thicknesses as of a product-related minimum quantity.  

  •    Special lengths from 3.5 to 1000 mm     
  •    Diameter from 3.5 to 10 mm

A special color or a design of your choice?

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And, we deliver straws sealed in foil or paper for Brik or Tetra packaging, in U-shape and / or pointed on one side for the beverage industry and dairies.

BUT: as a tube, a straw can of course also be used for a wide variety of applications, be it in the pharmaceutical industry or in laboratories, in medicine e.g. for saliva samples or alcohol tests, as a sleeve for sensitive small parts, as a holder for balloons or as a protective cover for ballpoint refills etc.

Almost everywhere where plastic tubes have been used so far, these can be replaced with our straws/sleeves/tubes made from sustainable materials -> BIO-POT, BIO-LIG or paper / grass paper (for product explanations, see the relevant menu item).

Application straws for the beverage industry and dairies

Brik-, Tetrapack straws

the functional solution for milk cartons, fruit juices etc. Individually wrapped in foil (picture left) or paper (picture right) (on the belt), pointed on one side for easy piercing e.g. in milk cartons or beverages in a bag.

Can be produced in various lengths.

U-shaped flexible straws

Packed small due to the curved (U) shape, making it flexible and versatile, individually wrapped on a ribbon or loose.

Different lengths possible.

Pointed straws

Particularly suitable for single, multiple and Brik packaging (see above), but also available in different diameters and lengths, see also menu item Stirrer / Stick.

Small selection of other possible applications

Balloon holder:

Sleeves in different sizes for technical applications:

Protection of ballpoint pen refills:

Nesting aid / brood tube for the insect hotel:

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