Paper Cocktail Stirrer – plastic was yesterday!

The easiest way to mix a cocktail or a drink is – by stirring it. A stirrer is therefore a bar tool in the form of an elongated rod or  stick without a spoon.

A cocktail stirrer is used in gastronomy for several purposes, e.g.   

  •   mix individual ingredients,  
  •   the right beverage temperature or     
  •   the attractive presentation of glasses

and is therefore one of the most versatile bar tools.


Our paper stirrers are of extremely stable quality and liven up cocktails and drinks with a stylish BLACK color .

Technical Data:

Suited forDurabilityColour/Size
cold beverages5 – 6 years

with proper storage

Colour: Black

Size: 4,7 x 180mm

In contrast to similar bar tools, such as the bar spoon, the stirrer is a central component of the respective drink and is therefore not removed before serving.

Since our stirrers are also hollow on the inside, they can also be used as a drinking straw for thin longdrinks.

Thus, the cocktail stirrer combines first-class functionality with a sophisticated appearance that mixes drinks and visually accentuates them.

These sustainable and environmentally friendly cocktail stirrers fit into the time and with your drinks. Your guests will be amazed!


Cocktail- Sticks made of  BIO-POT


Cocktail-Sticks preview

A cocktail stick or skewer is mostly used to skew garnish fruits etc. in cocktails. It is a narrow, elongated piercing tool with a tip at the end.


Our cocktail sticks made from sustainable BIO-POT material are suitable for skewering fruit, olives etc. due to the pointed end, but can also be used as a stirrer or even as a drinking straw for low-viscosity drinks and are therefore extremely diverse.

The cocktail sticks are stable and stand out optically from the skewered fruit etc. due to their black color. They are straight and pointed on one side, have a diameter of approx. 4mm and a length of approx. 180mm.


Please note: the pictures shown here are only usage examples. 

Technical Data:

Suited forDurabilityColour/Size
cold beverages5 – 6 years

with proper storage

Colour: Black

Size: approx. 4 x 180mm



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