Manufacturer of sustainable drinking straws.

Marketleader: Bio Strohhalm GmbH

Long before the EU ban on plastic drinking straws, we delved into sustainable, organic and ecological alternatives and launched our original natural straws already back in 2012. In 2014, we received the European Environmental and Business Award and were honored by the Bavarian Chamber of Commerce as a sustainable model company.

Meanwhile, with our certified straws of natural straw, paper, grass paper, starch (Bio-Pot/Bio Thermo) and sugar cane (Bio ECO), we are market leader with the widest range of sustainable drinking straws worldwide. We have established ourselves as the specialist in the market for straw imprinting with customer-specific design. For sale in retail chains, we offer special packaging.

Experience with large quantities 

Our production facilities in Southern Germany and Italy produce around 3 billion sustainable drinking straws per year for several thousand customers worldwide. In addition to our warehouse and headquarters in southern Germany, we have representations in Italy and Hong Kong and a wide network of distributors and wholesalers selling our products in their home regions.

With our many years of experience and expertise, we are constantly researching, investigating and testing new eco-friendly materials for use as drinking straws that must meet our high standards of sustainability, degradability and quality before incorporating them into our product range.

Manufacturer of sustainable drinking straws 

This enables us to respond to special customer requirements at an early stage, which makes us a competent and reliable partner also to major customers in the beverage industry, dairy industry, gastronomy and the hotel industry, but also for e.g. medical areas where the “tubes” are being used differently. And, we attach great importance to the fact that all products are certified by German certification institutes according to the latest EU regulations, that our employees receive fair wages and on regionality or short ways to our suppliers. You will find our wide range of sustainable drinking straws in each category. We´d also be happy to advise you personally.


Change to sustainable drinking straws

Organic straws as an ecological alternative

Bio Strohhalme GmbH is THE provider of environmentally friendly drinking straws. With or without logo, heat-resistant, made of paper, grass, starch, straw or sugar cane. For wholesalers and business customers, for promotional products dealers, catering companies, hotel chains, restaurants, airlines, shipping companies or the beverage industry: we have the widest range of sustainable and ecological drinking straws  and are world market leaders with our EU-certified drinking straws.

Biodegradable straws are exciting

You want to go one step further? You want to protect the environment, think ahead and at the same time delight your customers with eco-friendly organic straws? We offer biodegradable straws in many modern designs, materials, different lengths, diameters and colors. Excite your customers and guests with a future-oriented lifestyle.



Imprinted straws are ideally suited for beverage manufacturers, event agencies, wedding planner or the gastronomy in general. Please choose color and design and we are imprinting your straw in your corporate design. Our bio-degradable, compostable, 100% chlorine-free and with approved inks imprinted paper drinking straws are a stylish and sustainable way to promote. Your investment in the promotional product “own-branded” drinking straw is manageable, tailored to specific target groups and offers more interactive possibilities than other forms of advertising. Are you focusing on sustainable promotion? Our paper straws, our BIO-POT-straws made of potato starch or the BIO Eco on sugar cane basis are a congenial and targeted advertising product with style..MORE

Bio Strohhalme

An Aperol Spritz without black (organic) drinking straw?

Feels somehow unfinished, right? If you do not want to give up on sustainability and ecology, just put a biodegradable black straw in the popular Italian drink. The BIO POT drinking straws are 69% bio-based (eg from sugar, corn or potato starch) + about 31% fibers and minerals produced, completely biodegradable, vegan and rapidly compostable in industrial composting plants. Your guests and the environment will thank you. MORE

By the way, our organic drinking straws are also available  heat resistant. Thus, you can beautify the warm latte macchiato with a clear conscience. MORE

Please find more to our  philosophy and our social engagement  here.

Organic straws, because plastic destroys our world

Up to 6 billion plastic drinking straws per year end up in the garbage

If we all work together, we can make our world a little bit better together. An estimate states that between 3 and 6 billion plastic drinking straws per year end up in the garbage. And everywhere in the environment, our rivers and seas. That does not have to be! We can all make a small contribution and help to make our world more beautiful, healthier and greener. For the children of our children. And you can be about to make the world a little bit better. Bio Strohhalme GmbH started in 2012 and produces ecological drinking straws. We have received several awards for our commitment.

We have received the European Environmental and Business Award and have been awarded by the Bavarian Chamber of Commerce as a sustainable model company. MORE


 Discover with us the environmental conscious and future oriented drinking straw in many modern designs and experience conscious lifestyle.


Appreciating nature AND experiencing enjoyment! With this philosophy, we focus on the essentials of organic straws. To preserve the wonders of nature while enjoying the finer things in life in a very special way.



Already 2,000 years ago, the philosopher and stoic Seneca recognized the importance: credibility is dependent on reconciling words and deeds.



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