Biodegradable straws imprinted with logo

Juices, cool drinks, stylish cocktails, colorful smoothies – what would all these drinks be without the right biodegardable drinking straw? And just imagine your logo on every single straw. Your brand visible everywhere – a dream? We´ll make it true. We imprint sustainable straws and individual straw packagings for major customers, hotel industry and gastronomy, beverage industry, catering companies etc.

Your logo on the drinking straw. We take care of the print.

Imprinted straws are ideally suited for beverage manufacturers, event agencies, wedding planner or the gastronomy in general. Please choose color and design and we are imprinting your straw in your corporate design. Our bio-degradable, compostable, 100% chlorine-free and with approved inks imprinted paper drinking straws are a stylish and sustainable way to promote. Your investment in the promotional product “own-branded” drinking straw is manageable, tailored to specific target groups and offers more interactive possibilities than other forms of advertising. Are you focusing on sustainable promotion? Our paper straws, our BIO-POT-straws made of potato starch or the BIO Eco on sugar cane basis are a congenial and targeted advertising product with style.

Do you rely on sustainable advertising? Then our Paper Straws, our BIO-POT-Straws made of starch or our BIO Eco based on sugar cane are a nice and targeted advertising medium with style. Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, compostable, sustainable – all these are provided by our organic straws. Make an impression!

Trinkhalm mit Einzelverpackung

Why imprinting a straw? 

There are many reasons for this:

  1. imprinted drinking straws are the new and exclusive way to promote
  2. directly in your customers visual field
  3. always in his hands while sipping cocktails or iced coffee etc
  4. and, they are more effective and resistant than other promotional items ( such as bar napkins for example) as they neither dissolve nor tear.

Special Packing

Are you looking for a set of e.g. multicolored and stylish paper drinking straws packed in small amounts in cello-bags and optionally with an individual inlay? Or, for a straw separately wrapped in paper? And of course, a logo on the wrapper is also possible. Please contact us by email or phone – we would gladly advise you on the various possibilities: or +49 (8167) 987 998-0


1- to 4-c Print

Sustainable paper drinking straws are not only a mere straw but a stylistic element in your CI or with your logo, slogan or statement. On the one hand, they are indispensable sanitary product but, on the other hand an expression for individuality and lifestyle. Our paper drinking straws are sustainably manufactured and 100% biodegradable after use. With 48 colors and ca. 10 standard designs in different sizes we already offer more than 700 options and designs – but, with your straw, you are setting an example! A paper drinking straw with your logo or in your CI thus becomes an individual promotional product
– “advertising on everyone´s lips”.

Straight Paper Straws: 

  •  ca. 6 x 210 mm + 6 x 250 mm
    MOQ: 35.000 pcs
  •  ca. 8 x 200 mm + 8 x 250 mm
    MOQ: 32.500 pcs

1c Print 

Logo or slogan can be printed in 1-c (2-c on request)  on colored or monochrome (solid) straight and flexible paper- or Bio-Pot-straws with this modern tampon-print (TAMPRINT) method. Please contact us for a non-binding offer and for further information.

  • Paperstraws:
    ca. 6 x 210 mm +  6 x 250 mm,   MOQ: 1 case = 5.000 pcs.
    ca. 8 x 200 mm + 8 x 250 mm,   MOQ: 1 case = 3.250 pcs.
  • BIO-POT-straws:
    ca. 7 x 135, 7 x 160, 7 x 210  + 8 x 250 mm,  MOQ: 1 case = 10.000 pcs.
  • BIO-Eco-straws:
    ca. 6 x 210 mm + 6 x 250 mm,  MOQ: 1 case = 10.000 pcs.



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