In hospitals, retirement or nursing homes or for people with permanent or temporary physical limitations, drinking straws – especially flexible straws – are a suitable aid to enable the consumption of a beverage or soup even half lying.

Bio Strohhalme GmbH has been producing sustainable drinking straws in Germany / Europe since 2013.

Due to the plastic ban – EU legislation from 2021 – it is becoming increasingly important to use the right sustainable drinking straws that make it easier for patients to drink independently, but still to comply with hygiene regulations.

Due to the stricter regulations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, institutions such as hospitals, clinics and medical facilities, but also senior citizens and care facilities, are particularly affected.

With our specially developed BIO-LIG drinking straw (for a description, see BIO-LIG below), which we offer as a straight or flexible straw, individually wrapped in paper and heat-resistant up to approx. max. 60-65 ° C (for hot drinks and soups), we have the appropriate, sustainable and ecological tool to

                       avoiding plastic and thus making a positive contribution to the environment and CO2 balance.


the woodbased (Liquidwood) straw

Our BIO-LIG straw consists of the thermoplastic material Liquidwood, which is obtained from lignin, a by-product of paper production, and cellulose. The wood fibers of the cellulose come from controlled, European reforestation.

With our BIO-LIG -straw you buy

  • a 100% bio-based drinking straw
  • a drinking straw that can also be degraded in sea and salt water,
  • a recyclable drinking straw, according to the current EU standard
  • a compostable drinking straw acc. to the EU regulation for food and feed (LFGB)
  • an ethically acceptable drinking straw (no corn, no food)
  • a 100% PLA-free drinking straw
  • a mineral oil free straw
  • a plasticizer-free straw
  • a “Made in EU” drinking straw
  • a low-carbon drinking straw
  • consumption in „good conscience“


Already 2,000 years ago, the philosopher and stoic Seneca recognized the importance: credibility is dependent on reconciling words and deeds.



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